Skin and Makeup Routine


Begin with a clean face. Cleanse with a foamy or cream cleanser. Toners are generally used after cleansing. Some toners include active ingredients such as antioxidants and AHA’s. This step removes any traces of cleanser and refines skin tone. The next step is a light facial scrub. This works best with the steam of your shower. This step will remove dead skin cells and increase absorption of any additional products. I recommend twice weekly. Serum is next, followed by a day lotion. Don’t forget sun protection!


In the evening, try to begin your routine a half hour before bed. Cleanse with an oil or cream cleanser. A facial mask will not work miracles but can improve texture and firm. Put your feet up for this step. Apply serum, followed by a nighttime cream and an Eye Cream or balm. Gently pat, where you see lines most. Most importantly, try to get a good night’s sleep.

makeup palette

What You'll Need


Sharp Tweezers

Makeup Wipes

Sponges and Beauty Blenders





Eyelash Curler

Brow Brush

Concealer Brush

Thin Angle Brush

Larger Brush for Lid

Smaller Brush for Crease


Blush Brush

Powder Brush

Lip Brush




Let's Begin!


Generally, one or two shades lighter than your complexion works well. If your skin is tan, switch to a slightly darker shade. Use a small brush or your ring finger to apply under eyes, over broken blood vessels, around the nose - any area that needs cover.


Use a damp sponge for a more sheer coverage, or a foundation brush. Apply to the center of the face and blend toward the outer edges of the face. Watch the jawline. Blend! Foundation can double as a concealer if under your eyes aren't too dark. Always check and apply with good lighting or natural light.


Using a soft, fluffy brush, apply sparingly to set foundation. Dust lightly over concealer. Less is more.


Brows are not perfect or symmetrical. Maintain brow shape with weekly clean ups. Today, little differences give brows a new edge. Keep in mind, they are very individual to your face. While shaping with tweezers, keep in mind that brows should begin in line with the inner corners of the eye and feather in towards the center slightly. The arch just slightly past the iris. Try to maintain the same thickness from the inner corner to the arch and taper thinner toward the end of brow. Brush hairs up and out. Never trim brows too short. A little length will help. Fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or shadow and brow mascara. Brow pencil is on the skin while brow mascara makes them look fuller and covers grays. Always take a step back from your mirror to check shape.


Apply an eye shadow base. This step is important. It primes your lid and prevents creasing. Shadow will look fresh and stay in place.

Curl Your Lashes!

A lash curler will OPEN tired eyes. Even if you run out without mascara your eyes will look prettier. When your lashes aren’t curled, you will most likely apply a lot more mascara. If they are straight, they will only look heavier. You will wear less mascara, I promise.


This will deepen your natural lashes. Apply several thin coats to inner and outer corners. They will look less clumpy.


Liner is used to define your eyes: black, brown, gray, plum. White pencils can be used on your water line to make eyes look bigger. Black on your water line can make eyes look dramatic. Pencils are used to enhance your eyes, not draw on new ones. Blend if you don't want detectable lines. Keep lines clean - if that's the look you want. Neutrals always work best. Apply on a slant close to the lash line. Connect tiny dashes or dots if you are not great at this step. This will still enhance your eyes. Keep pencils sharpened. Extend up at the outer corners, especially if your eyes are droopy. This gives them a lift. Line slightly under eyes and blend with a tapered angle brush and a darker shadow to set. This helps them last longer, with out reapplying throughout your day.

Eye Shadow

Shadow adds depth and shape to your eyes, compliments your eye color and draws attention to them. Keep it simple. A neutral shade on lids, a darker shade in your crease. A lighter shade over your brown bone lifts and highlights. Brush shape is important.


This adds color to your cheeks. It adds an immediate brightness. Just smile, blush the apple of your cheek and softly brush up toward your ear. There are so many shades to choose from. Soft pinks, peach and plum. I like bronzer on certain skin tones.  Try golden tones for tan skin and champagne for more fair complexions. Never too orangey. The look you want is soft and natural, like the perfect beach day. Brush down the nose, across the forehead and across your cheeks.  You can also brush softly down the neck and across your collar bone. Make sure your brushes are large and fluffy. Not stiff. You don’t want streaks. Just keep it soft and natural looking. Again, step back and check to see if its natural looking. You can always apply a little powder to soften.


Make sure your lips are soft. If your lips are dry, flaky or chapped there isn’t a lipstick or gloss that will compliment them. Try a lip scrub and balm to treat them, especially at night. I use a lip plumper to hydrate and boost circulation in the lips before applying lip products. To use, follow your natural lip line. You can apply a light dusting of powder to draw slightly above your natural line. I like to fill corners of the lip and keep the center lighter. This creates fuller looking lips. Lip liner will help lips that are uneven.  Again, a sharpened pencil will shape and create a beautiful lip.


The most flattering lip shades resemble your natural lip color. If it looks good on your skin it will go with just about anything you wear. Using lipstick on a brush will give you more control when applying deeper colors. As we age, things change and our lips lose volume. I always recommend switching to medium colors, they are more youthful and will make thinner lips look full again. Apply gloss sparingly. Dot top and bottom lip for shine. At the end of applying your makeup, check it natural day light. Even if you think It looks fine in your bathroom light or wherever you applying your makeup, it may need additional blending.

Since I was a little girl, playing with makeup was always a part of who I was. At 18, I knew makeup was my passion. I went to a beauty school, received a Cosmetology Teaching license and was instrumental in establishing a School for Esthetics. I’ve worked with photographers, models and have some beautiful work in print. That experience made my attention to detail, that much better.

Today, I still love playing with makeup and sharing what I’ve learned with young girls and women of all ages. My Skin Care and Makeup line is simple and simply called Lisa i. It features easy to use products. I enjoy my work more today, than I ever have. Yes, it’s tough to address what happens as we age, but this is what I love. My mom is 86 years young. She’s beautiful and still inspires me to do and be better. She will still tell me how good it makes her feel, when she puts on concealer and lipstick! 

It’s always fun and a bit easier to apply makeup to the younger face, it’s pretty perfect and most have no idea. Close to flawless skin, symmetrical eyes and full lips. Yes, it does change but that does not mean we’re through. As we get a bit older, I believe that we can feel just as healthy and beautiful today, as we did growing up. Subtle changes in your makeup routine will make a huge difference. It’s time to realize who we are, and accept what we can’t change.


I’ll always be honest and give you what I think your makeup bag needs and nothing more. If I have a product that will help, I’ll recommend it. I’m here to make it easier, not more


-Lisa i